Hi, we’re Sarah and Dani!

Sarah, Aria, Matteo & Dani from Siena family

We live in Brussels with our two wonderful children and a pair of fluffy cats.

We’re focused on creating an environment for our family where every member is respected, heard, and treated with kindness. We hope to create the conditions for our children to feel safe and grow to find themselves. At the same time, we do our best to live a life that is respectful towards our beautiful planet and the other creatures with whom we share it.

These goals often lead us to challenge what is “the norm” in our culture and question what we know. This isn’t always easy, but so far, it has lead to a life where our choices match what is in our hearts. As we’re on this journey of discovery, we thought we’d take you along on our blog.

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exploring microgreens

Red cabbage microgreens on a white counter

exploring microgreens

In between Dani’s interest in healthy plant-based food and growing his own vegetables, he became passionate about microgreens. As he experiments with growing these little nutritional bombs, he documents all the knowledge he’s gaining.

about our microgreens

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