Last week, for the first time in her short life at 10+ months, Aria managed to sleep in bed independently without the aid of Sarah’s breastfeeding.

It was all gradual, and it all started with a couple of nights in which Aria fell asleep in the night by herself after breastfeeding. She usually falls asleep on the boob and then continues sleeping on her own.

first attempt at a nap in bed

Last Wednesday, for her afternoon nap, I tried helping Aria to sleep by rocking her in my arms, and then soon after, I gently placed her in bed, where she gladly continued. Believe it or not, that was a big step for us. She did cry a bit when I rocked her, but it was more of: “I want to sleep” more than: “Get me out of here!”

On Saturday, we decided to give it a try for the night, and instead of going to bed with mom, I rocked her to sleep in my arms after Sarah had breastfed Aria. Like magic, Aria fell asleep after a few minutes and continued when I placed her in bed. We had not experienced something similar since she was born.

a slow process of patience following our daughter’s rhythm

On Sunday night, we tried again and failed miserably. Aria didn’t want to fall asleep with me and wanted to be with Sarah. I believe she did try to sleep but failed at it and then looked for her mom. Sarah came to the rescue and helped her fall asleep. It is a slow process that requires patience, tolerance and understanding towards Aria and her needs.

My short experience with naps at home in bed with Aria is basically that my heart melts by having my daughter sleeping so close to me. Seeing Aria in her sleep is the cutest thing ever, and knowing that she is free to move as she desires without blockages from the stroller/wrap makes me feel good.

naps in bed for a stronger connection

I am delighted with the naps at home, and I embrace more of them in the future. The stroller is an excellent alternative to get some air and get a clear mind, but the comfort and father-daughter connection of helping her sleep on our bed have no equal.

Where does your baby take the afternoon naps? Do you prefer the wrap, stroller, bed, or something else?

Thank you for your time!