One of my best friends once told me that when she was expecting her second child, she worried whether she would have enough love for this child. She loved her first baby so much and couldn’t imagine having enough love left for her new baby. She explained to me that when her second was born, she felt like her heart doubled in size, so there was enough love for both her children.⁠

I always remembered this, and when I talked to my son about the possibility of having another baby, I told him this story. I didn’t want him to worry that I would love him less. As if the new child could steal love away from him.⁠

When I look into my heart now, I realise that there is so much more love than I ever expected in our family. There is obviously the love each of us has for Aria. But there’s so much more. There is a new love I feel for my husband, who became a father. The love that fills me when I see how sweet and caring my son is as a brother. Our family bond is strengthened by sharing this experience as a family. We’re the only ones experiencing this first hand, the love, but also the challenges, such as the pain, tiredness and frustrations. So thank you Aria for bringing an exponential amount of love into our family.⁠