My mother tongue is Dutch, and Dani’s is Spanish. We speak English with each other. Matteo only spoke Dutch until recently. On top of this, we live in Brussels, which is mainly French-speaking.⁠

We try to be conscious of the language we use in our home for two reasons:⁠
🇧🇪 We want Matteo to feel at home. If we’re speaking in a language he doesn’t understand he will feel excluded.⁠
🇻🇪 We want Aria to grow up speaking Dutch and Spanish, and we want to support her in the best way we can when it comes to the multilingual challenge in our home.⁠

These are the “rules” we try to follow:⁠
🇳🇱 I always speak Dutch with Aria.⁠
🇪🇸 Dani always speaks Spanish with Aria.⁠
🇳🇱 When Matteo is home, and we eat together, the language is Dutch. Sometimes I fall into the trap of speaking in English to Dani at the table, but he’s very good at reminding me to speak Dutch.⁠
🇬🇧 Recently Matteo became more comfortable with English, and he tries to speak it with us every now and then.⁠
🇫🇷 We motivate Matteo to watch tv shows or movies in French or English.⁠