There are many conflicting opinions and advice about every possible topic regarding parenting, especially when it comes to babies:

  • From following your baby’s sleep cue’s to sleeping on a schedule.
  • From breastfeeding on-demand to bottle-feeding on a schedule.
  • From letting your baby cry to sleep to nursing your baby to sleep.
  • From using baby seats on wheels to letting your child naturally develop their gross motor skills.
  • From sturdy to flexible first shoes.

what would it be like in the natural world?

As a parent, I try to follow my instinct, but sometimes it’s hard to understand what the best thing is that I can do for my child or if the thing that I’m doing is ok. One thing that often helps me is to ask myself:

“What would it be like in the natural world?”.

We are animals, and babies are little balls of pure instinct. They didn’t get the news that we no longer live in communities or that we have electricity. So this question helps me to understand what my baby needs instinctually.

parenting dilemma’s

These are some of the examples of actual dilemma’s we had and where I applied the question:

can I nurse my baby to sleep?

Yes. Nature made breastfeeding in a way that it makes your baby sleepy. So why wouldn’t it be ok?

can my daughter use a little stool to practice her walking?

We let her try it, but we decided not to give it to her anymore for now. As Dani says, what object in nature would babies have to practice their walking like that? All I could come up with was a tree trunk or a boulder. 😂

should I follow the advice to use sturdy shoes or flexible shoes?

In nature, animals don’t wear shoes, and they learn to walk elegantly. So it makes sense to me, that we interfere as little as possible with the free movement of my daughter’s feet.

what’s natural isn’t the only criteria

Does this mean we always need to follow the natural way? Not necessarily. It’s not because I can nurse Aria to sleep, that I want to do it every time. It’s also important for our family that I stay sane.

This is just one way of determining what advice to follow. Other than this, I try to listen to my instinct, figure out what works best in our situation and for us as individuals, inform myself, so I know about different points of views, …